31.08.2015: Field trip announcements!

  • And yet more to to come: The 2 days following the conference we will offer a trip to famous Tana Toraja were you can immerge in ancient burial rites, visit stone graves or just enjoy the lush mountain scenery – it’s gonna be a memorable trip! For information please enquire at The costs will be app. 100€ / 1.500.000 Indonesian Rupiah.

31.08.2015: We have two winners!

  • Exciting news also from the travel grants: With Masita Dwi Mandini Manessa from Yamaguchi University and Purwanto from The Nature Conservancy we have two winners for our “Best Abstract” travel grant award. Both will receive 300€ of travel funding to cover their expenses for joining us! Congratulations!

31.08.2015: Dr. Laurence McCook and Prof. Dr. Paul Kench confirmed as keynote speakers! 

  • Time is flying and the conference is approaching soon! But we were busy trying to further improve the scientific quality of the conference. We are now happy to announce that two more keynote speakers confirmed their visit to Makassar. Dr. Laurence McCook and Prof. Dr. Paul Kench will both give plenary lectures at the SIRTRE 2015 conference!

06.08.2015: New keynote speaker

  • We are extremely glad to present you another keynote speaker for our growing conference: Dr. Laurence McCook will give insights on management of marine protected areas in conservation efforts and the communication of scientific results to the public. Unfortunately Prof Claudio Richter had to cancel his talk at the SIRTRE 2015

03.08.2015: Poster presentations still accepted

  • Thank you all for submitting your abstracts to the SIRTRE 2015 conference, we received an incredible amount of submissions and are now assessing your contributions! We decided that we will keep the poster submission open if anybody is still interested in contribution at a later stage, but there will be no more slots for oral presentations.

28.07.2015: New keynote speaker

  • Lida Pet-Soede joined our growing list of keynote speakers! For the WWF she heads the Coral Triangle programme in Indonesia and works on proper management plans to keep the reefs on Indonesia as beautiful as they are today!

20.07.2015: Deadline extended – limited spaces available

  • We hope that all our Indonesian colleagues and friends had a succesful Ramadan period and a good family time during Idul Fitri! Due to the fact that our deadline fell within this important time we decided to extend the deadline one more time to allow everybody to prepare an oral or poster presentation!
  • We are also very happy to announce Lida Pet-Soede as our fourth Keynote speaker! Having worked in Asia since 1992 she has extensive ecological knowledge of the Spermonde Archipelago and other regions in Indonesia. Since 2007 she is leading the Coral Triangle program at the WWF.

30.06.2015: Second circular is available! 

The second circular is available for download here. Updates include:

  • We are happy to confirm Prof. Dr. Claudio Richter, Dr. Bert Hoeksema and Prof. Dr. Munsi Lampe as our first keynote speakers!
  • The deadline for abstract submissions has been extended to July 15!
  • We plan on preparing proceedings of the conference and a special issue in the Journal of Indonesian Coral Reefs
  • There will be a photo competition with small give-aways during the conference! (Topics can include everything related to your work on small islands (e.g. fishermen, reefs, villages)
  • Please make sure to plan in an extra day for the field trip that we will offer.


28.05.2015: First circular is out! 

You can download the first circular here.

We will also soon start to spread information about the planned field excursions, so stay tuned!


28.05.2015: Travel funding support available for outstanding abstract!

We are pleased to announce that travel support up to 500€ is available for one outstanding abstract! So based on the scientific merrits of your submitted abstracts we will support one of you with up to 500€ for air tickets and lodging. This offer is only applicable for early career scientists. If you are eligible  for travel support and wish to apply, just check the relevant box during registration or abstract submission.

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