Organization Committee

  • Dr. Asmi Malina UNHAS (International Affairs Unit)
  • Prof. Dian Budimawan UNHAS (Director, MaCSI)
  • PD Dr. Hauke Reuter ZMT (Dept. Ecological Modelling)
  • Hauke Schwieder ZMT (Dept Biogeochemistry and Geology)
  • Prof. Dr. Jamal Jompa UNHAS (Dean Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries)
  • PD Dr. Marion Glaser ZMT (Dept. Social Science)
  • Prof. Rohani A. Rappe UNHAS
  • Prof. Sonny Koeshandarajana, Center for Marine and Fisheries Social & Economic Research of AMFRD, MMAF
  • Dr. Mohammad Lukman

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