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International Conference

Small Islands Research in Tropical Regions – The Spermonde Archipelago and other Case Studies

15.-16. September in Makassar, South Sulawesi

With its coral reef based livelihoods the Spermonde Archipelago in Southern Sulawesi can be seen as representative for many Indonesian and other south-east Asian island groups. Facilitated by its vicinity to Makassar and UNHAS  the Archipelago has been well studied during recent decades, manifested in a number of international cooperations.

This conference intends to

  • summarise the research done in Spermonde during the past decades and discuss the lessons learned,
  • discuss implications of results for management and politics,
  • provide opportunities for exchange between researchers from different institutes,
  • analyse similarities with and differences to other regions in East Asia.


The conference will be interdisciplinary and invites research contributions e.g. from ecology, fisheries science, genetics, economics, political science, anthropology, geography and other disciplines. The overarching aim is to provide an overview of relevant research findings concerning the state and development of small island ecosystems and communities in South-East Asia. Which threats do both island residents and their surrounding ecosystems face and how can their contextual situation lead to specific problems and solution paths?

International invited speakers will open topical sessions. Interested researchers are encouraged to submit a short (max. 300 words; title max. 20 words) abstract here.


Key dates:

The opportunity to submit abstracts for poster presentations at the conference will only last until September 4.

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